What is Mobile Work Manager

Just like the rest of our company and projects Mobile Work Manager is a bespoke piece of software that can be catered to each individual client to meet their needs. The only difference is, its already pre developed and needs slight adjustments and upgrades to fit the specific needs of each client.

Our idea was simple, gather our best and most recent projects all into one perfect solution. A solution that is both complete and fully modifiable, because of that our product can be adapted into almost any scenario. Whether your company needs organizational software for engineers who are out in the filed to better organize and streamline their work or its for delivery drivers who need to have their routes planned out according to the smallest detail. Either way Mobile Work Manager can be adapted to every case you need.

Descriptions for bespoke software can be vague so let us explain a little further. Thanks to a personalized Mobile Work Manager all features that are available can be tailored to your needs. So lets take the basics of the program and expand on them.

  • Job/Task Organisation
  • Staff Overview
  • Back office compatibility
  • Document Generation
  • Scanner
  • Report Generation

Lets take them one at a time starting with the first one.

Mobile Work Manager can be used to gather all the tasks that a company has whether its a manual labor outgoing job on the field, delivery run, mechanic job or anything else you can think off. Take those job and separate them to each individual employees device and organize their day for them. It can do it automatically or manually, it can also allow for manual override for any needed adjustments so that each employee can work more efficiently than before.

Have you ever wondered what your employees were doing out on the field? I’m sure you have. With all the current features of the mobile work manager you can immediately see and supervise whether all the tasks are being completed. You can also check if the time frame for each job has been met and whether an engineer is currently on site for the specific task he has been assigned to.

If you already have a back office system Mobile Work Manager can be tailored so that it can be connected to it to allow for job and staff management by managers and any other staff members that is assigned to do so. If however you don’t have a back office system capable off connecting to a sophisticated system like that we will provide our own Back Office software to allow you to do anything you wish.

Knowing how many documents and forms engineers and delivery drivers need to complete by hand. We have built in document selection and generation with an easy to use user interface to allow for quick and efficient completion of all the required forms. Once the application is correctly setup it will remind and block the user from following the wrong work flow and it will make sure everything that is required for health and safety is completed to avoid any sort of problem that may arise from missing documents.

Just like the documents, since everything everyone does is saved onto the device and passed to the back office. The Mobile Work Manager is capable of making and displaying reports that present all the necessary information. Since the MWM is a bespoke piece of software all the documents and reports can be tailored to each client.

Lastly we know that some clients have a need for scanning barcodes and using them throughout the day. MWM can be used to scan and manipulate the data from the bar codes to help with loading trucks, delivering packages, finding lost items, tracking packages and many many more. Although this feature is not for everyone it can easily be added or removed into the bespoke version you purchase.