• The Problem
  • The Solution
  • The Benefits
  • Engineers perform multiple jobs each day and for each job they must fill in paper documents to record Job related information such as Gas Safety readings etc… These multiple documents are returned to the office and sorted by hand to determine job cost. Completing the documents and sorting them is time-consuming and costly and is prone to human error.

    BluFin Software Solutions have developed a Job Management System which enables Back-Office Users to plan and assign jobs. The Engineers access the jobs on 3G-enabled tablets. They record all the relevant details on the tablet. When completed, the details are transmitted back to the office for costing & invoicing.

    • Better management of Engineers workload
    • Improved data quality
    • Improved turnaround of Jobs leading to better customer relations
    • Environmentally friendly – paper no longer required realising significant savings
    • No longer require storage for historical paper documents
    • Digital documents can be retrieved quickly & easily
    • GPS mapping helps Engineers pin-point job location
    • If Engineers cannot gain access to property, office is notified immediately
    • No-Access report includes GPS location for comparison against property address
    • Improved response times - Back-Office assign emergency jobs based on nearest Engineer
    • Quicker turn-around of jobs leading to better cash flow
    • Demonstrates to their customers that they are a forward looking, innovative company with a vision and who are continually striving to improve the service they provide. 
    How It Works